Friday, December 31, 2004

new year's eve

Still recovering from Christmas. Haven't done much knitting since the mad rush last week where I worked on all my knitted gifts. I should have taken pictures...I'm hoping everyone will send me a picture wearing their gift. (Everyone in the family seems to be picture-happy so there's a good chance that will happen!). I gave a simple 2x2 ribbed beanie to a friend's little boy for Christmas. My friend Lisa liked it, so I started one today in a different color, for her son. I also worked on a pair of wrist warmers. Will post pictures when I make more progress!

This year my santa-husband :) got me the new 40GB iPod photo. The funny thing is, I got him an iPod too! We both had no clue we were getting each other the same thing. The first thing I did was copy all my music into it and made some playlists. Next project is to move my photo library over, too.

We plan on staying home for New Year's Eve. Maybe I'll get a little more knitting done until the count-down!


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