Tuesday, October 25, 2005

first christmas project

Christmas is around the corner and I need to start some projects if I want to finish them in time! I am trying to think of what I should make. I really don't have time to make huge projects so I'll probably focus on scarves, hats, and other small projects. I started on a pair of wrist-warmers for my mom. Her hands bother her sometimes. I think she injured the nerves from typing on the computer too much...and with winter coming I thought I'd make her something to keep them warm. I bought a cashmere/wool blend yarn in a beautiful grey color. I started the project last night and worked on them for an hour today. I'm slow! But I'm two-thirds done with the first wrist-warmer already! I'll post pictures soon. I found the free pattern on someone's cool blog. She wrote the pattern herself and here is a picture of the pair that she made:


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